Teledrive ultimate cloud storage

Teledrive ultimate cloud storage

No limitation on file storage or uploading.


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Your free unlimited cloud storage service using the Telegram API.

Today I found an react app that permit to upload unlimited size of file to cloud storage and share it with anyone of my wish. its look like alternative of popular cloud storage google drive, icloud or amazon storage. Yes I am talking about teledrive cloud storage app implementing telegram api.


Teledrive support several way to install. and in the repo there are two .sh file one for docker and another for manual installation.


There are many way you can deploy the app. One of the easy one is heruku deployment template but there is issue with original template and listed as a issue github repository issue373. You can resolve that issue to follow the instruction. My heroku app url is devteledrive.


  • You can save your files in cloud and can access from anywhere.
  • As there are no limits of bandwidth so you can upload any size of files.
  • Share with your contacts and others
  • No limitations to file sharing or file uploading.


dashboard.png shared-by-others.png Message window.png file-sharing-teledrive.png


After installation I can access my telegram account from my development environment. I can chat with others, upload files and share files with my contacts or can shared public link of files. and also there is password field where you can put password when I open shared window I found it but not try it yet.

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